When you order from Cupcake Bouquet, you give us the responsibility to deliver your gift & personal greetings, and we don’t take that responsibility lightly. We know how special gifts are, so we spend a lot of time and money ensuring that your gift, not only leaves us in tip-top condition, but also arrives at its destination in tip-top condition.

Our box and insert is designed with their main function in mind protecting the cakes during transit.

The parcel overnight courier company we use do a great job, however we can’t assume everyone will treat our boxes with love. Our boxes have been tried and tested and the design acts like a cocoon around the cupcakes.

So far, we have only ever had a few complaints and we hope it stays that way. And even better our postal boxes are fully recyclable.

The Rose Bouquet is hand delivered in a simple windowed cake box. The aerial view of the bouquet always creates a few gasps from our customers