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Whats People says

Whats People says

“Best thing I have tasted” Davina McCall

“Love the icing” Celebrity Chef Matt Tebbutt

“best cupcakes I have had”


Our Daisy bouquets can be customised to any requirement you might have, for example you could add a persons age to the mini cakes, i.e 18, 21, 40, 70 or spell out a name in letters. We can also change the colours to suit your needs, we are flexible with requirements. All of our daisy bouquets can also be made into smaller 7 muffin sized bouquets, ideal for 1 person.

All of the daisy bouquets can be delivered across the uk by overnight delivery.

A lovely surprise, and unlike fresh flowers you can share and eat them!

  • Pink Garden Green


    7 large and 6 mini vanilla cupcakes, infused with vanilla syrup and filled with strawberry jam and chocolate respectively. The cupcakes are toped with our signature vanilla frosting and finished with a rolled disc of sugarpaste and daisy flower. Pink, white and green.

    Sent by 24 hour parcel delivery to all addresses in UK.

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